Dr Robbie Hunt

Senior Chiropractor

(03) 9021 8684

Dr Robbie Hunt, Chiropractor, recognizes that when people are in severe and acute pain they need to be cared for in a prompt and individualized manner. Robbie started offering emergency chiropractic care in 2004 after he realised their was a distinct lack of practitioners offering this service. “Despite the clear need and demand for this service I realised it was near impossible to get an out-of-hours appointment with a chiropractor… I personally have been injured and in need emergency chiropractic care. Fortunately for me, being a chiropractor, I can call one of my Chiropractic colleagues and friends on their mobiles and go to their house for treatment… most people however don’t have this luxury!” So since this time, my team and I have been an emergency chiropractic Victoria-wide, operated mainly out of private practices, occasionally at sporting clubs/fields and at patient’s home and workplaces

Robbie’s passion to become a chiropractor begun after he was involved in serious car accident whilst at school and went to a chiropractor for help with neck pain and headaches. It was after a great experience that Robbie investigated Chiropractic further and decided to go university to become a chiropractor. Over the years, Robbie has seen patients of all ages, and for a variety of concerns. As an avid sportsman himself, he enjoys helping athletes of all levels from amateur footballers in the VAFA league to world Champion Ironman competitors, who frequent his practices for a variety of injuries and health concerns.

Robbie regularly attends post-graduate seminars and training so he stays current with the latest research, treatment and techniques. He is an active member of RMIT University’s M-PIL mentor program where he helps new graduates transition into practice. When not practicing, Robbie enjoys cycling, spending time with his family and training his dog “Sunny-Boy”.

Robbie is available for chiropractic emergency care from all 10+ locations, for all appointments call (03) 9021 8684.

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