Emergency Chiropractic Melbourne is here to help. Our practice is located at 143 Drummond Street, Carlton, with appointments available seven (7) days a week and patient parking available onsite.  Dr Hor, Dr Flynn and Dr Budich currently provide chiropractic services at Carlton and surrounding suburbs. Relax in their hands, aware of the decades of collective experience between them. Our staff regularly see musculoskeletal conditions such as bad pain, neck pain, muscular stiffness and other joint related stiffness. 



Emergency Chiropractic Melbourne is committed to providing you with treatment that has achievable outcomes that are measurable and based on supported research. Emergency Chiropractic Melbourne has many varied options available to as a form of treatment for you. These include traditional manual spinal adjustments, blocks, drop pieces, activators and spinal traction tables just to name a few. Let our staff help you experience a greater quality of life. 

Carlton chiropractic services are available Monday to Friday first appointment at 10:00am and last at 6:30pm. Saturdays from 9:00am till 1:00pm.  Wellbeing also has a select number of clinics open on Sundays and all public holidays. We will always do our best to offer you an appointment on the same day that you all.


Facts about Chiropractic

  • Chiropractors primarily diagnose and treat musculoskeletal conditions
  • The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) is the governing body for Chiropractors and other health professions in Australia
  • Chiropractic is a Greek for ‘done by hand’ 
  • In the field of allied health professions, Chiropractic is the current leader 
  • Low back pain, neck pain and headaches are the most common conditions treated by Chiropractors 
  • Statistics show that low back pain is the most common and largest cause of disability worldwide
  • Over half of the appointments made with Chiropractors are for the treatment of back pain
  • The origin of Chiropractic stems from D.D Palmer in the late 19th century
  • The profession prides itself on the treatment and prevention of injuries and trauma of the spine and extremities 
  • Many people choose Chiropractic as an alternative option to invasive interventions such as surgery and medication
  • Over 100 countries around the world recognise and regulate Chiropractic as a health profession
  • Wellbeing Chiropractors are trained extensively in the diagnostic process, utilising techniques such as spinal imaging and orthopaedic testing
  • Stretching, rehabilitation and postural education are provided in conjunction with Chiropractic care to maximise the effectiveness of treatment 
  • The United States is the world leader for Chiropractic and contains over 77,000 certified Chiropractors
  • There is a boom in funding towards Chiropractic research and evidence-based practice across the board
  • Chiropractors study for a minimum of 4 years full-time, mastering subjects such as physiology, neuroscience, anatomy and many more
  • Chiropractors make use of many treatment techniques such as; manual adjustments, soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation, stretches/rehabilitation, and advice/education on posture and lifestyle.
  • The range of musculoskeletal disorders that Chiropractors treat allows for the application of the profession to a large variety of people ubiquitously
  • Over 100,000 Chiropractors are currently enlisted to legally diagnose and treat people worldwide
  • The profession is considered as a primary care intervention and helps hundreds of thousands of people every year

Facts about Carlton

  • Carlton is an inner northern suburb located close to the CBD
  • The local governing body is The City of Melbourne
  • Carlton houses a large number of university students
  • There are many universities located near Carlton
  • Melbourne University is located near Carlton
  • Carlton was founded in 1851 around the time of the gold rush
  • Carlton is sometimes referred to as ‘little Italy’
  • There is a Bali memorial located in Carlton which opened in 2005
  • Carlton Football Club used to play at Princes Park which is in North Carlton
  • Lygon St is a historical part of Melbourne which runs through Carlton
  • The Greens political party has become increasingly popular is the Carlton area
  • 26% of people in Carlton can speak Mandarin
  • Approximately 48% of people aren’t religious in Carlton
  • There are approximately 18,000 people who live in Carlton
  • Carlton is located approximately 2km from Melbourne
  • Famous Melbourne gangster Squizzy Taylor was killed by another rival gang member in Carlton
  • Carlton Police Station was built in 1878
  • The Court House in Carlton was built in 1887 
  • Approximately 2% of the population speak Arabic
  • 62% of the Carlton population are currently studying