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Dr. Amanda Parke


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Dr. Amanda Parke is a chiropractor with over a decade clinical experience helping members of the local community through her unique approach in chiropractic care. Amanda uses a combination of applied kinesiology techniques, low-force Activator methods and traditional Diversified manual spinal adjustments to achieve outstanding results with her patients.

Amanda strives to make the world a better place with her expertise and caring nature.  Amanda’s immense knowledge comes from a combination of her undergraduate training at Macquarie University’s Chiropractic program and her postgraduate training in Applied Kinesiology (AK), Retained Neonatal Reflexes (RNR), Cranio-sacral Technique (SOT), Paediatric care, Activator Methods, Trigenics and Musculoskeletal Acupuncture.

Amanda is excited by her outlook toward family care and wellbeing, including paediatric care. Amanda was introduced to chiropractic at the tender age of 14, where she witnessed the benefits of chiropractic care first-hand. Seeing the practicality and long-term gains of chiropractic therapy drew Amand closer in pursuing a career in Chiropractic to what she is super passionate about to this day.

Dr. Amand is a part of Wellbeing Chiropractic where she is available for consultations from Tuesdays and Saturday.

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