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Dr. Bryan Liew


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Dr. Bryan graduated from RMIT University with a double Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Sciences (Chiropractor) and Health Sciences.
Bryan grew up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and relocated to Australia to study Chiropractic at RMIT. Upon graduation Bryan was awarded the Vice-Chancellor List Award for his outstanding grades during academic studies at RMIT University. Bryan continues to advance his chiropractic education by attending post graduate seminars and training; he has completed the Applied Kinesiology seminar series. Bryan had special interests in Spinal Pain Management and family chiropractic care.

Bryan gained experience practicing at the Wellington Community Clinic in Collingwood and during his time in Malaysia volunteered in performing spinal health screenings events to spread awareness of Chiropractic Care. Bryan was first introduced to Chiropractic early in his childhood when his parents brought him to see a foot reflexologist which opened his mind up to the world of manual therapy and complementary medicine.

Bryan’s passion in Chiropractic comes from his fulfillment in being an active and physical part of a patient’s recovery. Bryan has a passion to travel around the world, and when not in practice, he spends his free time reading and eating out with friends.

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