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Dr. Danny Nguyen


(03) 5955 2521

Dr Danny N (Chiropractor) is a keen, dedicated, enthusiastic and hard working member of the Wellbeing team.

Danny offers tremendous support for his fellow colleagues when they take leave or are away for other reasons. This means Danny has experience across multiple locations and with many different kinds of patients, and this gives him confidence to deliver patient centered care to patients of all sizes, ages and levels of flexibility.

Danny graduated from RMIT University with a double degree in Health science and Applied Science (Chiropractic), where he learnt in depth about the human body and mastered a variety of treatment techniques which he now uses on patients. During his chiropractic journey, Danny worked closely with the Northern Football League and the National Premier League as a sports chiropractor.

Danny has interests in functional biomechanics, neurology and rehabilitation.

Danny takes a functional approach with his treatments, incorporating chiropractic techniques soft as manual adjustments, activator and Sacral-Occiput (SOT) technique. Through chiropractic care, Dr Danny is able to provide quality health care that encourages his patients to improve their musculoskeletal health and wellbeing.

Danny is available until 7:30pm during the weekdays in Footscray Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (9am-1pm) and in Cranbourne Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.

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