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Dr. Ethan McLean


(03) 8202 4081

Dr Ethan is an experienced Chiropractor who has a passion for helping sports people and families through customized Chiropractic care.

Ethan played high level competition Rugby and Cricket. During this time he sustained numerous injuries including a severely broken leg as a teenager. It was through these injuries that he was introduced to a local Chiropractor. After only 12 months of Chiropractic treatment and exercise rehabilitation, he was back walking at full speed and playing sports. This launched Ethan’s journey to becoming a Chiropractor. Ethan’s focus became to help others in a similar position as he was, with injuries and conditions that restricted their ability to play sport and function at their best.

Ethan graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Melbourne with a double degree in Bachelor of Health Science/Chiropractic. During this 5 year period Ethan donated his time helping various underprivileged communities in the inner city and also local sporting teams. This love for helping others also took him overseas to work at a summer camp for kids, helping those from disadvantaged families, allowing them to have a summer experience they normally wouldn’t be able to afford or access.

Ethan is a registered Chiropractor in the state of Victoria. He employs a various range of Chiropractic techniques which allows him to tailor care to each patient. In his spare time, he loves to play golf and cricket and has interests in reading fantasy novels, cooking, travel and technology. While he loves being a Chiropractor he would settle for being a professional golfer.

Ethan is available for consults at Boronia on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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