Dr. Hayden Ford


Dr Hayden Ford is a hard working Chiropractor who is an integral part of the Emergency Chiropractic Melbourne team. 

Hayden love for gymnastics began over 12 years ago. Over this time due to the physical nature of the sport, Hayden’s shoulders have incurred numerous dislocations, surgeries and fractures. Hayden has represented gymnastics at both national and international levels, highlighting with an invitation to trial for the Australian Commonwealth Games team.

Hayden began his journey in helping others through 5 years of university at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Melbourne where he studied and completed a degree in Chiropractic. Hayden has a special passion for postural issues / conditions, chronic pain and surgical prevention due to his personal sporting challenges.

Hayden is available for consults in Epping on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday; and in Lilydale on Friday.

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